Jacob's Pledge

  • Smaller government focused on fewer regulations and more jobs.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending by evaluating and prioritizing our budget.
  • Protect our second amendment rights at all cost.
  • Defend and promote life, religious freedom and traditional family freedoms.
  • Repeal Common Core and allow for more local control in education.

Issues Statement

2nd Amendment

I believe it is the right of all law abiding citizens to possess firearms without government interference. The constitution guarantees our right to bear arms and no government agency should ever interfere with that right. I believe the government should never be allowed to inventory our weapons or ammunition, nor should they ever be allowed to tax them differently than other property or purchases. The right to own firearms is what keeps us from being in complete submission to our government.


I believe that our education system is broken. We have spent too much time trying to fit our children into a standard form of education. In doing so, we have hampered our kids from pursuing careers that are a better fit for them. We need to eliminate Common Core and begin funding career and technical education programs. This will allow us to offer education that fits our students who identify better with skilled trades programs. We need to allow our teachers, working with parents, to identify the needs of their children and tailor their education plans accordingly. Finally, we need educational equality. The state of Michigan is planning a massive bailout of the Detroit Public Schools, who are only graduating 25% of their students. This is unacceptable and unfair to the school districts who work hard for their youth.


I am a firm believer that life begins at conception. I believe that we have a responsibility to protect life and that we should take a strong stance against abortion. While abstinence remains the preferred choice for birth control, we must also be realistic about the sexual activity of our youth and acknowledge that many of our children are sexually active. With the plethora of birth control available, I believe it is the parent's responsibility to evaluate their children and discuss utilizing these options in preventing unwanted pregnancies. I am completely in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood and any other organizations that support or promote abortions.


It is imperative that we strive to keep our taxes low. I believe our lawmakers should not be voting for any legislation that raises taxes. I believe that any proposition to raise taxes should be voted on by the people, not the legislature. This is the reason that I was against the road funding package. I believe upgrades to our roads were necessary, but the road funding package was put on the ballot and voted down by the people. At that point, the people have spoken, the legislature should have worked hard to come up with a better plan and put it in front of the people for another vote. I will always fight for lower taxes and will strive to put major taxation issues on the ballot to be decided by the people.


We must do everything we can to assist our agriculture community in Michigan. Agriculture brings so much to our economy in Michigan. Agriculture is still a growth industry in the state of Michigan. We must make sure that we give farmers the tools they need to compete in the global economy and that we provide the infrastructure to draw agricultural companies into our state. We must continue to support the Right to Farm law and keep our farmers working instead of dealing with nuisance lawsuits.

Meet Jacob Link

  • Personal

    Proudly married and the father of one daughter
    ...so far!

  • Professional

    Child Protective Services, State of Michigan
    Link Electrical Contractor - Part Owner

  • Volunteer

    Licensed Foster Parent
    Certified Fire Fighter
    Treasurer, Bible Baptist Church

  • Education

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Bachelor History - 2008

    Saginaw Valley State University
    Bachelor Criminal Justice - 2010

    University of Cincinnati
    Masters of Criminal Justice - 2015

  • Endorsements

    James Mosciski
    Arenac County Sheriff

    Curtis G. Broughton
    Arenac County Prosecutor

    Aaron Miller
    State Representative 59th District

    Kevin King

    Melissa Sprague
    Arenac County
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


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Jacob Link for Representative

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